5 Reasons to Contribute to the SAPinsider Community

Help Take Our Flagship Content to the Next Level

SAPinsider is recruiting speakers and experts for our upcoming 2021 virtual events and content calendar.

We’re looking for customers who are using SAP and have practical tips, strategies, or best practices that they believe would be of value to the SAPinsider Community. Consultants who have been working in the trenches with clients are also welcome to share their unique perspectives and advice.

If your contribution or session is accepted, you will become an SAPinsider contributor with privileges and visibility that can put you on the path to becoming an SAPinsider Expert. Contributing can be very simple and we’ll adapt to your time and availability. If you’re interested, complete our form and we will be in touch.

Here are 5 reasons why you should submit a contribution idea for consideration.

Reason #1 Receive recognition for a unique perspective you have on an SAP concept or trend

SAPinsiders expect to receive the latest and most useful content to help them maximize their investment in SAP technology, and who better to receive this actionable advice from than thought leaders in our own SAPinsider Community? If you have something to share, this is the best platform to get your idea out to an audience that contains more than 450,000 executives, managers, consultants, and implementation and development teams running SAP software.

Reason #2 Advance your professional career by being considered for SAPinsider’s Expert Program

Contributing content is a great way to be considered for SAPinsider’s SAP Experts Program. This is a selective program for SAP experts who are interested in taking time out of their busy schedules to share their expertise and experience for the benefit of business and IT professionals worldwide. Inquire about this exciting new program when you submit your idea.

Reason #3 Network with other thought leaders and experts

When you contribute content to SAPinsider you get a chance to work with our team of research analysts who can offer their expert opinion on whether your perspective is properly supported by research, data, and current trends—and how they think you can get there. You will also join a network of other SAP experts and may be selected to participate in exclusive market research forums.

Reason #4 Position yourself as a “voice to be heard” in a specific industry or solution area

The ability to share your knowledge with the fastest growing SAP community in the world will demonstrate that your perspective is on the leading edge of technology. We encourage content submissions that address the full SAP technology landscape, including topics that address AI and analytics, cloud, customer experience, data management, finance, GRC, human capital management, platform and tools, SAP S/4HANA, supply chain management, and security.

Reason #5 We’ll promote your content!

We like to get social at SAPinsider, and nothing gets us chatting more than informative, quality content. Your name could appear in any number of our social channels, including our weekly newsletter, LinkedInTwitter, or Facebook profiles, and will be published on our website, SAPinsider Online.

Contribution Criteria

  • The topic you are writing or speaking about must have a direct tie to SAP technology and be educational in nature, helping the reader to do one or more of the following:
    • Solve a business challenge
    • Make a decision
    • Understand a new SAP product release or update
    • Understand a unique thought leadership perspective
  • The content you are submitting (including ideas, screenshots, images, etc.) must be created by you, or a source must be provided for any information, figures, or images that you obtained elsewhere.
  • Your content must be created exclusively for SAPinsider and may not appear anywhere else. You may, however, feel free to promote the URL to your content (which links back to SAPinsider’s website).
  • Your contribution must be independent and free of advertising statements about products, services or companies.