Supercharge your enterprise applications - a key strategy to unleash SAP's digital core on Microsoft Azure

Webinar - On-Demand

Join this panel discussion with experts from Capgemini, Microsoft, and SAP, as they discuss how to approach a corporate level strategy to unleash the technology business applications blueprint.

Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Simplify, rationalize, and decommission existing applications. Once solutions for business growth, these applications have now become an anchor; preventing current organizations to become a technology business . Fast and flexible solutions enable a speedy response to change. (such as bots, APIs and RPA).
  • Add a Touch of ‘smart’ by augmenting existing or newly developed applications. AI services for areas including vision, speech, language, knowledge and predictive analytics are routinely available as microservices.
  • Be fast with New applications are constantly built and released – DevOps-style. On follow the other faster than ever. Quick iterations are jointly developed by business and IT teams, leveraging microservices, APIs, software containers, serverless computing and radically automated, high-productivity tools. Built-in analytics, cognitive AI capabilities
  • Be seamless harnessing the power of API’s and seemingly anticipating the intentions of its users almost before they are expressed. Adjusting quickly and responding to change.

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Damien Johnson SAP
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Damien Johnson is currently serving as Chief Architect for the Global Customer Success Organization, where he has been working on SAP and cloud service provider strategy and enablement. In this role he works across all functions at a global level to enable alignment and execution of cloud provider partnerships and accelerate our customers journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

Karthik Amirtharajan Microsoft
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Karthik Amirtharajan is a Director Specialist in Microsoft’s Apps & Infrastructure SAP solutions business advising customers in the Americas enterprise majors’ segment to help Create and Capture value from IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS capabilities on the Azure cloud platform. He helps articulate Azure’s business value and TCO to the C-Suite, collaborate with their solutions team to discover, validate, and enable customers to commit their SAP workloads on Microsoft Azure. Karthik helps lead SAP journey to Azure conversations for Microsoft’s customers within the Retail & Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Financial Services industry groups to enable them on the path for Digital Transformation. Karthik has 21+ years of overall industry, strategy, and consulting experience. In his prior role, he spent 10+ years of his consulting career at Accenture. Karthik helped manage a $400M book of Azure business in North America, developing, enabling, and executing joint go-to market strategies Microsoft aligned to SAP workloads. Karthik helped originate, shape, and deliver large strategic SAP journey to Azure transformation engagements for Fortune 100 clients. He is a Trusted Advisor for clients in the Retail & Consumer Goods, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Media & Tech and Financial Services to help realize the business value of Cloud. He has managed large scale global consulting teams, journey to cloud and digital transformation programs for clients with annual revenues of 50-100 billion dollars.

Alex Bulat Capgemini
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I truly believe “Changing the world” starts with curiosity. It is the force that drives us to new discoveries, to exploration and new horizons. Without curiosity there would be no progress. I love working in the field of discovery feeling stunned and amazed everyday and seeking for the inventions, innovations and technologies that have the power to improve our environment, our health, our work, our lives, our world! Let’s improve the world we live in by being curious! As the CTIO it is my responsibility to encourage this curiosity and exploration.