Best of Both Worlds: Why AI & RPA Are the Perfect Pair for Order Management Efficiency

Webinar - On-Demand

Technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has allowed today’s businesses to access greater amounts of data while freeing up staff for more strategic, business-critical activities — but it’s only a piece of the digital transformation puzzle. Critical order-to-cash (O2C) processes such as order management are awash in inefficiencies that RPA simply cannot address. By utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) alongside RPA, companies are creating their next big competitive edge.

This webinar goes in-depth on how AI and RPA work together, how Esker’s automated solution works, and how some of Esker’s SAP-using customers were able to achieve benefits including:

  • 72% reduction in manual order processing errors
  • $300K in savings after just one year of using Esker
  • Tripled quarterly revenue without adding headcount
  • 50% faster order processing times … and more!