Luxury retailer Breuninger leverages smart analytics solutions from Google Cloud and Qlik


SAP customers around the world are struggling to respond to unprecedented change. Business leaders must act quickly to pivot business models, maintain business continuity and control costs. Google Cloud can help with our comprehensive smart analytics portfolio. These tools can assist with supply chain issues, operations, cost optimization and more. Data integration solutions from Qlik can also help to liberate and move SAP data to Google Cloud for critical analytics projects. Join us to hear how luxury retailer Breuninger was able to leverage these solutions to accelerate  time to insights for key SAP data. 

Join us to learn:

  • Challenges SAP customers are experiencing as they attempt to maximize the value of their SAP data
  • Smart analytics solutions
  • How luxury retailer Breuninger leveraged Google Cloud and Qlik to accelerate their time to insights.


Achieve the Unthinkable – World Class Demand Planning inside of SAP


External events large and small can stress supply chain plans.  The speed at which these stressors are identified have a big impact.  The ability to recognize, adapt and respond has never been more important than now.  Current events are powerful reminders that supply chain visibility, planning and execution need to be tightly coupled to handle the external, surprise events that can reap major disruptions on your business.  Business leaders need to provide their employees with tools that are intuitive, intelligent and enable management by exception.  And if you are running SAP, natural integration is a huge plus to avoid complicating the IT landscape.

To addresses these challenges, Dana Corporation deployed the advanced Demand Planning solution from GIB, a certified SAP solutions partner.  By taking the unique approach of installing advanced software inside of SAP, instead of moving data out, Dana was able to be up and running quickly with a highly automated process, delivering timely and accurate information.  This webinar will focus on challenges and results.  The challenges Dana faced are universal for accurate demand forecasting, but the results are unique, and have had a substantial impact to their fill rate and inventory investment.

Key takeaways:

  • Establish an automated, highly effective demand planning process
  • Measure results and easily identify high risk / high impact exceptions
  • Execute rapid, mass changes to demand plans in simulation mode with a simple transfer to MRP
  • Implement smart adjustments to inventory targets and safety stock

Speakers: Brent Cantrell, Dana Corporation & Eric Jones, GIB USA

Target's SAP Agile Transformation

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Target’s SAP journey has evolved from waterfall-based development and change management processes to a lean agile-based approach.

The IT department has undergone an organizational shift to accountable, autonomous product-focused teams. As a result, Target has aligned resources to prioritize work and ultimately create, test, and manage SAP changes through the entire lifecycle, enabling a rapid sprint-based approach.

Automation has played a critical role in the cultural transformation and the pivot to agile development. Rev-Trac – an automated SAP change management platform – has been tailored to support a dynamic set of teams and projects.

The automation technology makes a significant contribution to an SAP customer’s shift to SAP DevOps. Rev-Trac’s mature and flexible architecture automatically orchestrates an end-to-end SAP DevOps toolchain, eliminating organizational silos and allowing cross-team collaboration. The software integrates bi-directionally with SAP code checking, impact analysis, and testing solutions for maximized automation of SAP change management activities.

Automated error checking for transport sequencing, dependencies, and impact allows SAP IT teams to safely move SAP changes quickly and minimize the risk of applications breaking in production.

Join our Webinar to discover:

  • The role of automation in Target’s SAP agile development transformation
  • How Rev-Trac orchestrates the journey to SAP DevOps
  • Why the automated integration with complementary SAP tools is critical for SAP DevOps success

An Evolutionary Blueprint to Guide your SAP HANA Transformation


The number of businesses adopting digital transformation is accelerating, and simplifying the journey to SAP HANA can help clients remain progressive and achieve evolutionary change. This webinar will provide best practices for migrating to an SAP HANA environment and explain how you can take advantage of next-generation infrastructure solutions and machine learning and automation tools to maximize the value of your SAP investments.


AR Automation and Self-Service Enablement for SAP

Tuesday, September 1 at 2:00PM EDT

Is your manual order-to-cash cycle slowing you down? What if you could shorten the time it takes to get paid and reallocate your resources spent managing, tracking and collecting unpaid invoices?

Join this webinar as we discuss…

  • Reducing manual labor associated with the collection process
  • Empowering your customers with self-service payment options
  • Reducing the scope of PCI compliance
  • And more!

Uncomplicating High Availability for SAP

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High availability clustering solutions – particularly in Linux environments – can be time-consuming and complicated to implement and manage. The sometimes grueling manual scripting required for customization often leaves IT teams asking difficult questions: Will failover cause application performance to crawl? Will the failover and restart of services happen at all?

This session will explore:

  • High availability options, on-premises and in the cloud, with some of their common pitfalls
  • How the use of advanced application-aware failover clustering reduces implementation cost and risk associated with Linux clustering
  • Indirect benefits of implementing high availability in a cloud environment – even if you believe you may not have a HA requirement, the resulting cost reduction, increased performance and compliance can make it worthwhile.


How Kellogg Company and Newell Brands Automated FICO Processes to Streamline, Speed and Improve the Financial Close

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Learn how Newell Brands and Kellogg Company leverage an Excel-based solution to overcome obstacles with their custom upload programs and automate their data entry processes.  Join this webinar to explore each company’s implementation experience and learning processes.  Discover new insights and tips you can use to improve efficiency, accuracy and consistency of your Finance team’s processes.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to improve the business user experience resulting in increased efficiency and productivity
  • Discover how utilizing an Excel-based tool to automate finance processes can free up your IT team to concentrate on other issues outside of Finance
  • Access tips and tricks to streamline the financial close process and relieve stress from the Finance team

Speakers: Laun Adams, Kellogg Company & Laura Petrie, Newell Brands

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How to enable intelligent data integration within SAP Central Finance

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Are you considering a move to SAP S/4HANA for Central Finance? Does your plan fully address how to integrate your existing non-SAP source system data into your Central Finance implementation? This session will offer expert insights into overcoming the common challenges encountered when integrating detailed transactional financial data from both SAP and 3rd-party ERP sources and will prepare your team for the road ahead to a successful central finance deployment.

This session will:

  • Outline the business benefits that SAP S/4HANA Central Finance can bring to your organization
  • Examine the complexities of building a solution for Central Finance and provide expert advice for enabling agile, intelligent finance operations
  • Explore the benefits of enabling intelligent data integration for Central Finance to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Discover how to integrate transactional data into SAP S/4HANA for Central Finance utilizing an SAP solution extension to reduce cost and risk
  • Review recommendations that will help you achieve a speedy and successful Central Finance implementation

Carsten Hilker – Global Solutions Owner, SAP S/4HANA Finance, SAP
John Hume – Technology Consulting Manager, Magnitude SourceConnect
Doug Corpuel – Senior Director, Magnitude SourceConnect

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AP automation for +2 million invoices annually

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Radiant Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: RLGT) is a publicly-traded, non-asset-based global transportation and supply chain management company. With an annual invoice volume of approximately 2 million and a very complicated manual workflow process in North America, implementing the xSuite invoice automation process has become a competitive advantage. Complex invoices with often more than 100 pages of attachments was handled through the deep integration of xSuite to SAP made this project a success story for Radiant Logistics. Experience in this webinar a live demo of the software for digitization and automation of incoming invoices as well as fascinating insights from the project by VP of technology Mark Rowe.