Achieving Operations Agility in Life Science

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From an increased demand for personalized medicine to an increase in global regulatory standards – the life sciences industry is witnessing major shifts in the marketplace. With many blockbuster drugs coming off patent protection, global competition will rise quickly, as will the pricing pressure on life sciences companies.

The solution to tackle the challenges pharma companies face today is building kinetic supply chains that rapidly respond to changing market demand while reducing total cost of operations. Pharma companies need to achieve real-time visibility of sourcing, logistics, operations, and inventory data, to create an end-to-end supply chain that is fully traceable and friction-free.

Some questions that are on top of the mind of supply chain leaders in pharma industry are:
• How do we reduce total operations cost while driving greater compliance?
• How do reduce shrink and spoilage inventory loss?
• How do we reduce physical inventory while increasing inventory visibility and accuracy?

Learnings from this webinar will help pharma supply chain leaders formulate answers to the questions above. Attendees of this webinar will gain the following insights:

• Learn how edge innovation using SAP cloud platform can help them achieve business outcomes.
• Strategies to eliminate inventory leakage and loss by proactively addressing shrink and spoilage with advanced Artificial Intelligence models.
• Roadmap to establish a smart shop floor that provides complete visibility into production control and manpower prediction, and can implement planning and scheduling strategies.


Ravi Mandavilli Deloitte
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Business Transformation Leader with 29 years of progressive experience working with Fortune 500 and global leaders in diverse industries. Adept at driving sustainable value across manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, finance, and other key operational areas. He brings valuable experience in implementing SAP and M&A solutions for the Life Sciences Industry. As a thought leader, he introduces improved business and technology processes to global companies. He developed the business case and led a team to build improved SAP business processes for a Life Sciences business that reduced inventory and operating costs by $37 million and $27 million respectively.

Nikhil Goray Deloitte
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Leading Large Scale Transformation programs in Life sciences and Healthcare. Managing large Fortune 2000 clients consulting services P&L. Driving innovation and thought leadership to combine leading principles of SAP S/4 HANA, Digitization, Big Data, and IOT to create new markets and revenue streams. Broad range of Technology, Strategy & Management Consulting experience. Thought leader in driving Total Cost Management programs and Agility to Compete initiatives. Experience driving large scale transformation projects focused on maximizing business outcomes.

Is SAP S/4HANA Cloud Right for Your Organization?

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SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a Software as a Service (SaaS) edition of SAP S/4HANA managed by SAP. It’s available to enterprises in both public and private cloud environments, and rapidly enables business users to leverage the SAP S/4HANA functionality without the IT complexities of provisioning and setting up hardware and infrastructure, or the burden and responsibility of maintaining and supporting the SAP system with internal or external IT staff. But is this simple deployment model of SAP S/4HANA right for your organization?

We’ll explore key considerations for deciding on an SAP S/4HANA deployment model such as:

  • Business Strategic Imperatives – Rapid growth, mergers and acquisition and two-tier ERP
  • Customers moving from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA and willingness to Fit to Standard
  • Complex industry-specific and full-ERP footprint requirements
  • Implementation timeline and rapid delivery approaches
  • Infrastructure, service levels, upgrades, staying current, and maintenance
  • Commercial considerations and a Total Cost of Ownership analysis

We will share our experiences with clients in different industries, SAP maturity, and complexity that have adopted SAP S/4HANA Cloud as their platform for the future.


Eero Traagel Associate Partner, Enterprise Applications, SAP IBM
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A passionate leader in IBM Services practice, focused on delivering SAP & enterprise applications for Communications, Industrial and CPG/Distribution clients.

A trusted advisor to clients embarking on their digital transformation journeys, enabled by SAP S/4HANA on the Cloud, and enhanced with industry relevant innovations around cognitive computing, advanced analytics, IoT, and blockchain. Bringing expertise in IBM & SAP technologies, while ensuring Agile and IBM proprietary methods are core to their delivery.

Tamar Alexanian Delivery Executive, IBM
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Tamar is a bilingual, passionate, client-oriented  leader in the Canadian SAP practice with more than 20 years of experience leading and delivering enterprise-wide IT teams and programs within multiple industries.

Lessons Learned from Irvine Company’s Successful Automation of Supplier Payments

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Go inside Irvine Company’s automation journey and learn how they went beyond simple automation of AP invoices to build a solution that enabled them to streamline approvals and handle exceptions in an intelligent and efficient manner. For a company like Irvine this approach is necessary when you see 50% of invoices that need some form approval and up to 15% require exception handling.

In this session you will understand the challenges many companies face with expanding the value of their automation solutions and learn how build a long-term solution that can keep pace with the complexity and nuances of typical supplier payment processes.

You will:

· Learn how Irvine Company was able to scale their original AP automation project to process hundreds of thousands of invoices per year.
· Understand how they used a balance of cloud-based automation with tight integration with their core SAP system of record.
· Discover how Irvine Company was able to build “millennial-friendly” web and mobile experiences for their end-users that enabled them to accelerate processing and gain buy-in for their project.
· Identify new ways and opportunities for your organization to intelligently automate AP invoice processing based on your unique business and technology landscape.

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Brian Shannon Serrala
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Brian Shannon is the Senior Vice President, Strategy and Operations, Americas at Serrala. He focuses on business processes and financial solutions to help clients maximize return on investment.

Brian has a proven track record in SAP since 1994 where he has demonstrated expertise in the areas of thought leadership, knowledge management, process design, project management and SAP consulting. He has extensive experience in the automotive and manufacturing sectors as well as oil and gas, retail and utility verticals. Brian has held many C-level positions in the past, including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Strategy Officer. He has also served in other leadership positions including National Credit Manager, International Finance Manager and Financial Strategist. Brian holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Manitoba, and a MBA in International Finance from the University of South Florida. He is a sought after speaker on the topics of business process optimization and digital transformation.

Torey Schuldt Irvine Company
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Torey Schuldt oversees the accounts payables department for the Irvine Company. She joined the Irvine Company in 2008 and has been in accounts payables for most of her 12 year career with the organization. Torey has led many technology projects and process improvement initiatives in order to gain efficiencies, implement best practices and minimize risk.

Torey has a bachelor’s degree in Law, Sociology, and Education and an associates degree in Accounting. She also has an active Accounts Payable Manager Certification through Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM).

Rizal Ahmed SAPinsider
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Rizal (Riz) serves as Wellesley Information Service’s Chief of Content. He oversees content and business planning, helping WIS’s global customers and partners discover new ways to leverage content for competitive advantage. Prior to WIS, Riz was a Research Associate with Forrester Research and a reporter for the Manila Times in the Philippines. Riz earned dual degrees from Dartmouth College in History and Economics.

Automated SystemCopy: The next generation of SAP Basis Operation

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It has never been easier to automate SAP system copies to production support systems than today. Refreshes can appear to be a very complex process with over 150 manual steps per refresh per system. Today, refreshes can easily be automated from beginning to end, and doing that automation provides an immediate return on investment within your SAP operations.

During this session we will cover conceptualizing a software-defined system refresh, and discuss the components of an automation framework including refresh orchestration and workflow. We will talk about what is possible for SAP HANA in private and public cloud environments, and will introduce and demonstrate Libelle’s SystemCopy Automation Tool.

Join this webinar to learn why automation makes sense, and how to achieve a fully automated process.

By attending the session you will:
• Improve your understanding of the structural challenges of the refresh process
• Learn generic approaches to refresh automation
• Gather know-how so you can assess refresh automation solutions
• Make better decisions around tool selections

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Bernd Baier Libelle
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Bernd Baier is a Senior Solution Architect and VP at Libelle. His responsibilities around system refresh automation include technical architecture and go-to-market strategies. In this role, he has overseen hundreds of automated refreshes and aided countless customers in the transition from manual refreshes to fully automated system copies.

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Manual business processes in Purchasing and Accounts Payable are leading to enormous inefficiencies and are often why those in A/P are unable to work remotely, an especially difficult position to be in, given the restrictions the pandemic has placed on the workplace this past year.

Additionally, during this disruption, executives are prioritizing the preservation of working capital, and that’s why optimizing P2P has become even more important to all businesses. The decentralized organization of information (that’s usually the standard scenario for manual working environments) creates the challenge of missing information throughout process. Many companies have some automation in place, but often do not have true end-to-end solutions for workflows and information management. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The latest SAPinsider research on automation in finance including why companies are prioritizing key processes like P2P
  • How automating your P2P processes revolutionizes the way we work, allowing operations to continue from wherever we are
  • Why optimizing your P2P processes will allow you to increase efficiency, gain stability, and minimize costs
  • To leverage the capabilities of SAP S/4HANA to build a more intelligent and automated ERP system
  • To understand when you should implement your automation solution and whether you should do it before or after you complete your SAP S/4HANA project
  • And much more
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Danny Schaarmann xSuite
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Danny Schaarmann is a successful entrepreneur, a serial optimist, and a strategic go-to-market manager. Growing up as an athlete, Danny approaches his clients and colleagues with team-driven, collaborative mentality. Early in his career, he successfully transitioned his family-run business into a popular platform before a fruitful exit. Driven by innovation, Danny co-founded TIM Solutions in 2008, Matonu in 2014, and ILC Technologies in 2015, acting as CEO across all of his business properties. Since 2016, Danny is the CEO and President for Boston-based xSuite Solutions and strives to help SAP customers with their digital transition.

Rizal Ahmed SAPinsider
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Rizal (Riz) serves as Wellesley Information Service’s Chief of Content. He oversees content and business planning, helping WIS’s global customers and partners discover new ways to leverage content for competitive advantage. Prior to WIS, Riz was a Research Associate with Forrester Research and a reporter for the Manila Times in the Philippines. Riz earned dual degrees from Dartmouth College in History and Economics.

A Cyber Risk Framework for the S4 Journey

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Organizations are heading into an unknown territory where both the technology platform they secure and threats to those platforms are getting more complex. Operational, Technology, and Compliance drivers introduce complexity even as customers expect companies to protect their data better. The cyber risk for the SAP solutions is a journey and should follow a maturity model aligned to your corporate risk appetite and enterprise solutions. Unlike SAP’s other tools that can be utilized with your existing organization, Deloitte works with the clients to appropriately leverage existing enterprise solutions to empower a seamless solution.

In this session, Kevin Heckel, Managing Director at Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory, and Tyler Lewis, Principal at Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory, will discuss Deloitte’s perspective of the cyber domains to secure data, applications, and platform, including cyber governance, application security, data privacy and protection, controls and compliance, identity and access management, infrastructure security, operational security, and monitoring and response.

Attend this session to:

  • Learn to drive business value by enabling digital transformation
  • Get a high-level understanding and be able to discuss cyber risk domains impacted by the S4 journey
  • Understand how to implement cyber capabilities with industry-leading practices, and increase the cost-efficiency of cyber functions without sacrificing outcomes
  • Know how to detect and respond to breaches and security incidents to enable a safe and secured user experience
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Kevin Heckel Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory
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Kevin is the Deloitte US Cyber Application Leader with Deloitte & Touche/Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory organization more than 25 years experience in cyber, application security, risk management, business process controls, information technology controls design & implementation and assessments of policies and procedures. In addition to developing/configuring secure and compliant solutions, Deloitte's Cyber Application practice brings the strength of Deloitte comprehensive Cyber practice to include cloud, data protection, scanning, identity and more to offer holistic and

Tyler Lewis Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory
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Mr. Lewis has over 17 years of IT experience, 15 of which are in client service providing management consulting services to primarily the Consumer and Industrial Products industry, specifically within the Consumer Products and Retail sectors. Tyler is focused on business insight and value, delivered hand in hand with technology. Over the course of his career, Tyler has been involved in numerous SAP and component implementations, business transformations, outsourced provider contract negotiations, and cyber risk projects. Tyler is recognized globally for his Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) knowledge and experience, and he is currently active in a number of innovation teams, including Deloitte’s Safe Food program and Internet of Things (IoT) for Consumer Products. Mr. Lewis is responsible for managing Deloitte’s national SAP GRC center of excellence as well as portions of Deloitte’s alliance with SAP.

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Today, consumers expect seamless, contextualized digital experiences across all channels. For retailers, a digital transformation plan is now a must-have to drive value for both brands and customers, while creating competitive advantage and driving growth. To achieve this, companies should adopt business best practices and technologies that allow them to:

  • Create a single view of the customer
  • Re-imagine the digital and in-store customer experience
  • Easily create and adopt new business models
  • Build a stronger, more resilient supply chain
  • Establish a seamless front office experience fully integrated with back-office operations

In this webinar, our experts will share how an industry-expert partner like Savantis can help deliver intelligent retail enterprise solutions for the end-to-end transformation of retail businesses. You will hear from our experts about the customer success story at Sports Basement, a Bay Area sporting goods retailer using SAP S/4HANA to manage business operations across their 10 store locations. They will explain how retailers can meet new consumer demands and create a competitive advantage by putting the customer at the center of all decisions, using digital technologies and intelligent solutions to tailor the customer experience across all channels, delivering hyper-personalization, and building resilient and agile digital supply chains that can quickly adapt to customer expectations and needs.

Attend this session to:

  • Understand how companies adopt SAP technologies to enable a rapid shift of business models to drive sustainable growth.
  • Learn about the strategic priorities for businesses in consumer industries to thrive in the digital era
  • Understand how to build a robust digital supply chain that enables visibility into the global inventory pool
  • Learn how to deliver omnichannel personalized customer experiences with SAP CX solutions
  • Provide store with personnel digital capabilities that better enable them to personalize the customer experience

Qualified attendees have an opportunity to receive a limited supply of Sports Basement Gift Cards.

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Keith Hontz CEO - Savantis
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In this role, Keith oversees all key aspects of operations across the SAP Consulting Services, Industry Solutions, and IT Staffing business units. Keith joined Savantis following his successful role as CEO of SocketLabs, prior to which he spent more than two decades at SAP America where he held key positions including Global VP, Regional VP, and other leadership roles in consulting, presales, product management, sales, and executive management. He engaged with hundreds of SAP customers in the private and public sectors with his deep expertise in SAP CX, Industries, Logistics, Sales & Distribution. He holds an MBA from the University of Delaware and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from James Madison University.

Anthony Biolatto CTO - Sports Basement
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Anthony is an experienced technology executive with a demonstrated history of success working in the sporting goods industry. With an education from UC Berkeley and strong business acumen, Anthony has played an instrumental role in analyzing business challenges, defining strategic goals, and implementing operational and technological solutions at Sports Basement. He has been with the company since 2003.

Oliver Stocks VP, Business Development Consumer Industries - SAP
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During his tenure with SAP, Oliver played various roles in SAP Solution Management, SAP Services, ASUG Liaison, Project Delivery Execution, and License Sales. Prior to his current role, Oliver served as Executive Solution Advisor and as VP Customer Success in the Consumer Industries, Retail and Fashion Advisory Group. Oliver drives Business Development for SAP Consumer Industries in North America, across SAP’s Solution Portfolio and SAP Industry Cloud Innovation. Oliver's intimate experience with customers and prospects serves as lever to further tell the Digital Transformation Story and to keep SAP's promise to make the world run better and improve people's lives. Consumer Industries at SAP is comprised of Consumer Products, Wholesale Distribution, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Retail, and Fashion.

Fast Track to SAP HANA with Nutanix & Approyo

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IT departments are expected to provide a flexible platform for the rigorous needs of SAP applications that allow for change and growth. Some organizations lookout to the public cloud providers, bringing in concerns over control and cost. How can an on-premise cloud be created that allows simplified provisioning, management, and growth? How can a sudden ask for resources be met quickly and easily? How can you transform your existing implementation over to refresh it, upgrade it, and set it ready for the future?

The platform solutions from Nutanix provide a centrally managed on-premise cloud for SAP and other applications. Along with Approyo, the fully SAP-certified platform’s characteristics of performance, and availability, are provided in a cloud-based model of provisioning and consumption.

Join us in a webinar with Jody Ellis, the SAP Architect at Nutanix, and Sean Gilmour, the CTO at Approyo, as they share tips to simplify SAP hosting by providing a cloud on-premise and guide you on ways to move legacy SAP applications easily and SAP HANA, over to the Nutanix platform while simplifying potential upgrades and migrations.

Attend this webinar to:
· Learn how HCI provides a cloud platform for SAP
· Know how to layout a timeline for legacy SAP, SAP HANA, and the path between
· Understand how your current systems can be upgraded

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Jody Ellis NUTANIX
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Jody is a Sr SAP architect at Nutanix, where she helps design deployments specific to each SAP customer’s needs. She has been working on SAP for over twenty years, most recently at Dell, and at SAP as a director of cloud infrastructure. Projects worked on include onboarding & offboarding cloud workloads, hybrid cloud deployments and migrations of both legacy and SAP HANA based implementations.

Sean Gilmour APPROYO
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Sean is a seasoned and successful technology professional with 25+ years of experience in developing advanced solutions, leading systems and technology integration, and managing global technical solutions for technology organizations. He uses his abilities by utilizing technical expertise to design, improve, debug, and deploy solution architectures and management software and leverages best practices to develop customized, cost-effective solutions to business problems. Sean is a proven leader adept in SAP Technologies, committed to implementing technology with company goals and delivering outstanding service.

How to Automate your Financial Close in SAP S/4HANA using ERP Bots

Webinar - On-Demand

For large enterprises, the timely completion of financial close tasks in their ERP or S/4HANA environment requires significant planning and execution by an army of employees.

This is why organizations are turning to technology to transform their Office of Finance with a System of Accounting Intelligence™️ that enables an efficient close with accurate and reliable reporting. To further maximize efficiencies, many have started to deploy ERP Bots within their System of Accounting Intelligence to trigger advanced, time-saving workflows in their ERP.

During this webinar, you will learn:
• Why organizations are looking to improve their Record-to-Report process
• How a System of Accounting Intelligence can ensure the integrity of your financial close
• How to automate Close tasks with ERP Bots
• Best practice examples of how real-world companies are using automation to streamline their financial close

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Syril Mathai Trintech
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Syril Mathai is the VP, Global Leader – Strategic Solutions Trintech, and has almost 30 years of experience working with the Accounting and Finance functions of companies world-wide. Mathai is responsible for leading efforts across the Trintech large enterprise accounts base, specifically focusing on digital transformation through the ServiceNow platform. Mathai joined Trintech in 2009, and has since held several strategic roles during his tenure Director and most recently developing the Trintech partner network as Vice President of Advisory and Resellers. Prior roles include Vice President of Global Services and Partner Enablement, Vice President of Strategic Execution Team and Area Sales. Mathai is a business leader with extensive operational experience in enabling cross-functional relationships and process improvements for productivity within the Office of Finance. Mathai received his BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas at Arlington and is a Certified Public Accountant.