Video Q&A: Luke Marson Discusses Strategies That Can Help Drive Successful Employee Experience Management

By AJ Whalen, VP and HXM Market Leader – SAPinsider

The most successful HR leaders today understand that engaged employees bring a higher level of commitment and contribution to their work and they know that engagement is critical to their organization’s success. In recent years, there has a been a growing trend on the part of HR organizations to leverage processes and – very importantly – technology to better understand the experience and engagement of their employees. In this video interview, iXerv’s Luke Marson discusses why employee experience is such a hot topic and offers some advice for strategies HR organizations can use to drive successful employee experience management efforts.

Video Q&A: Christian Heinrich Discusses How Technology Is Impacting Employee Experience

By AJ Whalen, VP and HXM Market Leader – SAPinsider

In a 2021 survey conducted jointly by SAP SuccessFactors and SAPinsider, 64% of respondents said that higher expectations for a more modern employee experience was a top driver for their organization’s cloud-based HR technology decisions. But for many SAP customers, the question about experience management isn’t “why to focus on it”, but rather “where do I begin”. In this SAPinsider Contributing Expert video, Christian Heinrich, Head of Product & Portfolio Management at Sovanta, discusses trends in experience, how technology is impacting experience management, and his advice for SAP customers who are trying to figure out where to begin.

Video Q&A: Martin Stenzig Talks About The Impact Conversational AI Can Have On HCM

By AJ Whalen, VP and Publisher – SAPinsider

Conversational AI is changing the way employees interact with peers, management, and shared services. In the HCM world, AI-driven technology like chatbots enable human resources departments to provide user-friendly access to HR services, processes, and information. Conversational AI applications can save time and resources, allowing HR professionals to increase their focus on other critical business tasks. Rizing’s Chief Technology Officer Martin Stenzig recently joined AJ Whalen for a quick discussion about conversational AI, its role in HCM technology, and how it interacts with SAP solutions.

Video Q&A: Mike Morini Discusses the Latest Trends in Workforce Management

By AJ Whalen, VP and Publisher – SAPinsider

In a 2020 SAPinsider survey, 83% of SAP customers responding said they are currently either using or evaluating a workforce management solution for their business. HR organizations have learned that it’s incredibly important in the current business climate to invest in the technology and processes that enable them to effectively manage the performance and engagement of their workforce. In this brief video interview, WorkForce Software CEO Mike Morini discusses his organization, the impact COVID-19 is having on workforce management solutions, and what other business leaders can do to more effectively manage and communicate with employees during the pandemic.

SAPinsider Chief Content Officer Riz Ahmed is joined by Christian Niederhagemann, CIO of GEA Group – a $5 billion+ global organization with more than 200 legal entities — to discuss this week’s Rise with SAP announcement. In this brief video interview, Niederhagemann offers his thoughts on the new business transformation-as-a-service offering from SAP, which enables a single point of contact for SAP customers to undergo business transformations. He shares his reaction to the offering, which he says will make setting up an SAP S/4HANA transformation much easier for future SAP customers, discusses his learnings from the announcement, and covers topics such as:

  • Upfront considerations for companies preparing for business transformations
  • Advice for IT to convince top management to consider undertaking a journey to SAP S/4HANA
  • The importance of collaboration between business and IT to speak the same language and work toward the same goals

In this short video interview, SAPinsider speaks with Nick Giannakakis, Group CIO of Motor Oil (Hellas) – one of Greece’s largest companies, which has been in the market for more than 40 years – but recently began a transformation from a pure oil-and-gas business to one providing energy services. In this interview, Giannakakis shares with SAPinsider Chief Content Officer Riz Ahmed his initial response to the Rise with SAP announcement of a one-stop shop for end-to-end service, which he describes as a “great concept” and “dream of a CIO” – albeit with some initial skepticism of how it will work in practice. During the conversation, Giannakakis discusses the following topics:

  • What he considers attractive elements of the offering, such as the business networks and the ability to leverage the knowledge and deep expertise and assets SAP brings to the table
  • Some reservations he has, such as SAP’s track record with services, and items he would like clarification on, such as what will happen will to current investments in existing hyperscalers or other process management tools (that are not Microsoft Azure or Signavio)
  • His next step for considering the new offering from SAP, which is to convene together with other SAPinsiders to discuss varying perspectives with other executives and trusted advisors to decide on a course of action

In this SAPinsider interview, hear from Nuno Miller, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Portugal-based retail company Sonae, which operates in over 90 countries. Miller, who is currently focused shifting the Sonae Fashion group of companies to become a more intelligent enterprise and adapt new sustainable and automated business processes shares his feelings on the new Rise with SAP transformation-as-a-service offering from SAP, which he describes as “interesting, powerful, and challenging” as well as “yet to be proven.” In this short video, Miller shares how Sonae Fashion has been on a journey for the past three years of redesigning business processes and moving to a simpler digital architecture. He also discusses:

  • How Sonae Fashion implemented SAP S/4HANA to accommodate the customer experience in store and online, integrated throughout the business, similar to the message of Rise with SAP
  • The many challenges of digital transformation, such as integrating different solutions and business networks, rethinking business processes, and changing the culture to start thinking and acting in a standard and agile way
  • Advice for colleagues, such as that a digital transformation requires sponsorship and faith inside the entire organization – starting from the CEO and Board to shift toward a new mindset

SAPinsider Chief Content Officer Riz Ahmed chats with Robin Mager, Vice President, SAP S/4HANA Program, at German-based automotive and manufacturing supplier Schaeffler, which is longstanding SAP and Microsoft customer (with 50,000 SAP users on a (hosted) on-premise version of SAP S/4HANA), about Rise with SAP. In this short video, Mager discusses how sustainability and mobility disruption are changing the way the organization is offering its services to automotive and other industries. He also shares his excitement about the prospect of a holistic, connected transformation – and the quantifiable value it can bring, as well as brings up some considerations for Rise with SAP, such as:

  • Will the offering be usable to customers with integrated and automated platforms with a high degree of customer-specific enhancements? Does it address customers that use the landscape not just in financials but across the entire value chain?
  • Can complex companies use the offering quickly with cloud infrastructure to get lightweight lean and clean enhancements to the cloud?
  • How on board are SAP integration and consulting partners with the new offering? Do they understand it, and how can they bring value to a customer such as Schaeffler?
  • Will SAP’s bold commitment to be accountable as the single point of contact for the success of the complete offering remain as strong as it is today?

Video Q&A: Dr. Steve Hunt discusses the post-COVID return to the office

By AJ Whalen, VP and Publisher – SAPinsider

It’s been nearly one year since the COVID-19 pandemic forced many workplaces and workers across the globe to undergo a fairly rapid change from in-office work to remote work almost overnight. With vaccine distribution underway in many regions, employer and employee focus is starting to turn to the idea of returning to the office. This leads to some very important questions about how, when, and even why work should return to office settings. To help sort through some of those questions, Dr. Steve Hunt, Chief Expert for Technology and Work at SAP joined SAPinsider’s AJ Whalen to discuss what employees want, what employers want, and what is likely to happen as we return to the office.