Video Q&A with Eric Fenollosa, VP, SAP on Hybrid Analytics Approach

By Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation & Analytics, SAPinsider


SAP BusinessObjects has been a market leading business intelligence tool for a long time, and is used by thousands of organizations across industries. However, the nuances of business analytics are changing and the focus is now shifting towards leveraging tools that offer “augmented analytics”-essentially putting the power of business analytics in the hands of non-technical users, by the virtue of being “self-service” analytics tools. As an innovative organization, SAP was able to forsee this shift several years ago and hence introduced SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) as the next generation, augmented analytics enabled, single integrated platform for all enterprise analytics needs.

While there is no doubt about the value SAC delivers, many in SAPinsider community express apprehension about the challenges of  transitioning from on-premises SAP BusinessObjects to SAC. SAPinsider recently had an opportunity to get some quick insights from Eric Fenollosa from SAP on this critical topic.

Watch the video of the conversation here: