Internet of Things, Security, and Workforce Engagement — Are You Prepared for the Digital Age?

As CIOs and other leaders reimagine their businesses for the digital age, they will inevitably face challenges. Top experts cite a number of hurdles to overcome,1 but the three most commonly discussed are leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) for greater business insights, delivering security across business networks, and achieving higher levels of business productivity and efficiency. SAP Solution Extensions can help CIOs innovate in each of these areas by complementing existing SAP investments with solutions developed by independent software vendors that seamlessly integrate with SAP applications.

1. Improve IoT Analysis and Insights

Leading companies are taking advantage of IoT to gain a better understanding of their business by pairing information technology with the operational technology that manages assets. The joining of data and tools offers many opportunities to deliver transformative business impact through access to operational information. For example, the SAP HANA IoT Connector solution by OSIsoft combines data from control and automation systems as well as smart devices with transactional and business data. This enables rapid retrospective and predictive analysis and delivers actionable insights across organizations.

2. Deliver Security Across the Business Network

With the ever-increasing risk of corporate spying and digital theft, cyber security must be addressed as organizations set up and execute their digital strategy. Protecting data, applications, and interactions is more essential than ever and can be achieved with SAP Solution Extensions such as these:

  • The SAP Regulation Management application by Greenlight, cyber governance edition provides visibility into business risk based on cyber threats.
  • The SAP Access Violation Management application by Greenlight helps assess the financial exposure that business processes and transactions have on organizations.
  • The SAP Dynamic Authorization Management application by NextLabs provides secure access to sensitive data across business networks.
  • The SAP Fortify software by HPE secures all applications — in-house, on the web, or on different mobile devices worldwide.
  • The SAP Mobile App Protection solution by Mocana wraps data protection and access control features around mobile apps.
  • The SAP Technical Data Export Compliance application by NextLabs automates compliance management tasks related to regulations for the export of electronic data.
3. Ensure Business Productivity and Efficiency

Complexity is the enemy of workforce engagement. The SAP Communication Center solution by ANCILE and the SAP Productivity Pak application by ANCILE send validated communications — delivering the right information to the right people, at the right time, and on the device of their choice — to drive user adoption with instructional content on demand, where and how users need it. And the SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa offers insight into how employees interact with enterprise solutions so organizations can identify complexities within key business functions and create roadmaps to help users become more productive.

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While it is clear that CIOs will face several challenges on the path toward a digital transformation, it is equally clear that there are ample opportunities to capitalize on new technology and partner offerings to ease the transition. When it comes to the biggest challenges, such as IoT, security, and productivity, SAP Solution Extensions can provide solutions that accelerate innovation. For more information, visit

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