Digital transformation with SAP – Omnichannel Inventory and Sourcing with SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR)

Going live on your digital transformation journey, writes Rizing Principal Consultant Chris Veli, is only the first step in a larger journey. To maximize your SAP S/4HANA investment, you should add two key transformation functionalities that will help you vastly improve customer experiences while following through with cost-effective and timely deliveries: omnichannel inventory visibility, which is the ability to know when and where your stock is in near real-time across your organizational channels, and sourcing, which is the method of how customer online orders are filled. How can you leverage these two add-ons to better achieve your business objectives while keeping customers engaged?
Using real-world examples, this article will empower organizations to leverage SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) in order to:
• Achieve omnichannel inventory visibility by implementing SAP CAR Point of Sale Data Transfer and Audit, empowering SAP S/4HANA to calculate near-real-time stock
• Ensure the lowest impact to web shops and back-end systems by supplying inventory and time series data
• Improve fulfillment of e-commerce sales by leveraging Omnichannel Article Availability (OAA) to ensure that only available inventory is presented to the customer and that all transactions undergo a final validation availability check
• Understand the components of sourcing, including data sources, filtering, sorting, and business objectives

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