Demystifying the “Selective Data Transition” Migration Approach to SAP S/4HANA

While SAP has offered its customers three different migration approaches for moving to SAP S/4HANA, many customers don’t know how these differ or which one is the appropriate choice for them. Because every landscape is different and every project has its own specialized data migration requirements, there are many questions existing SAP customers have that they need help answering, and they often need to turn to systems integrators for assistance. According to SAP partner Capgemini, there has been an uptick recently in the number of customers that are choosing the selective data transition migration approach for their SAP S/4HANA adoptions. Read this article to learn valuable insights from a Capgemini consultant who has worked with many customers on complex SAP landscape migrations to SAP S/4HANA using the selective data transition migration approach.

This article provides answers to pressing questions from SAP customers, such as:
- Divulging what the selective data transition approach is and what type of data is considered “selective”;
- Explaining the benefits the approach provides to customers and where they should start; and
- Disclosing how customers can apply the approach to landscapes with multiple ERP systems.

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