Become a Best Run Business with SAP Solution Extensions

SAP Commitment Combined with the Highest Level of Co-Innovation

Solve industry and business issues, streamline the complexities of multi-tiered, hybrid environments, while adhering to the latest regulator standards by leveraging SAP Solution Extensions for your SAP landscape — a broad mix of over 90 best-in-class solutions that address deep industry and functional business needs. Reduce potential risk with the simplicity of working directly with SAP, as these solutions are available directly from SAP and backed and certified by the SAP brand.

Developed by our partners and rigorously tested to SAP product standards, these extensions complement the SAP software you already have in place. SAP Solution Extensions are fully aligned with SAP’s core system road map with the benefits of SAP-led product innovation to future proof your SAP investment against new business, operational, and technology requirements.

Available for cloud, hybrid, and on-premise deployments, select the SAP Solution Extension to meet your unique line of business and/or industry needs. And don’t worry about complicated software support: The SAP ONE Support program keeps delivery simple and consistent for all your solutions. See Figure 1 for a sample of SAP Solution Extension offers. For more information, visit

Sample of SAP Solution Extensions that complement existing SAP environments and help customers get the most out of their investments.