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SAP Digital Business Services Offers Strategic Partnership to Accelerate the Digital Journey with SAP MaxAttention

Amplify. Innovate. Empower. These powerful words are what drive the SAP Digital Business Services team to deliver services to their customers. In a digital economy rife with increasing competition, the extensive resources of SAP can help you not only navigate this new business reality, but also thrive in it. SAP Digital Business Services helps organizations achieve this goal with a premium engagement that provides the experts, services, methods, and tools modern businesses need to succeed in a digital business landscape — SAP MaxAttention.

SAP MaxAttention is a strategic partnership that provides SAP customers with the highest level of collaboration and co-innovation with SAP. It focuses not only on the technical environment, but also on the needs of the business, helping to streamline the company’s digital journey and provide better business outcomes. With SAP MaxAttention, customers have access to a hybrid support framework with a highly skilled team and the resources to help customers accelerate digital transformation. 

A Hybrid Framework and End-to-End Governance Model

SAP MaxAttention is a holistic, end-to-end, strategic engagement with SAP that helps businesses accelerate their innovation journey, orchestrate and drive transformation, and reinvent their business models. It also enables organizations to simplify their landscape, optimize operations, and mitigate risk.

All of this is enabled through an end-to-end hybrid framework and governance model (see Figure 1). This framework includes architectural services that help organizations effectively and efficiently design their environments, SAP Value Assurance service packages that safeguard implementations or migrations, and a control center approach that provides centralized access to the tools, expertise, methodologies, and infrastructure that empower customers to innovate and operate better. Value management includes a series of quality gates that allow customers to measure the achievement of the engagement, goals, and objectives of the SAP MaxAttention program. Underlying this framework is an engagement foundation the enables the access to these services.

Figure 1 — The SAP MaxAttention end-to-end hybrid framework provides customers the support they need to succeed in the digital economy

To help organizations embrace a digital framework without disrupting their business, SAP Digital Business Services is enhancing the engagement foundation of the SAP MaxAttention framework by expanding the roles of the embedded delivery team to include:

  • Technical Quality Manager (TQM), who performs end-to-end risk mitigation, drives best practices on transformation, and executes the digital transition
  • Chief Digital Architect (CDA), who designs, innovates, orchestrates, and architects the customer’s end-to-end solution across all solutions and platforms
  • SAP MaxAttention Engagement Lead (MEL), who manages the overall engagement and is responsible for holistic value management, governance, customer adoption, and digital transformation
Virtual Business Modeling

Many SAP customers are facing challenges as they seek to keep up with a rapid rate of change, including shifting to the cloud and managing an array of new trends and markets, hybrid landscapes, big data, and new platforms. To assist organizations in this digital journey, SAP Digital Business Services is launching SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, a virtual lab in the cloud powered by SAP Leonardo. Included with SAP MaxAttention, SAP Leonardo Innovation Services helps customers unlock their digital potential by identifying and connecting new business scenarios, enabling companies to streamline the adoption of new technologies and significantly decrease time to market.

With the help of SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, organizations can solidify their transition to a digital business. The lab offers a one-stop shop — from inspiration to prototype — that allows customers to identify and test their digital business model with minimal up-front investment and risk. Customers take a guided approach to innovation, which includes on-demand access to SAP experts, while up-skilling their team with SAP’s help at an early stage of innovation development. The lab speeds up the innovation cycle by employing prebuilt technology modules, an agile development process, proven design-thinking practices, and a training workplace. By using SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, most businesses will be able to go from ideation to first proof of concept within three months. Once the prototype has been approved by the business, the functionality can be fast-tracked to production with the help of SAP Innovation Control Center, with best practices, preconfigured solutions, and an embedded team to validate the solution and hand it over to production.

Ensuring a Successful Digital Go-Live

Another key element of SAP MaxAttention is the SAP Value Assurance program. SAP Value Assurance service packages are available to assist organizations in the plan, design, and execution phases of a digital go-live and are integrated with SAP Operations Control Center. SAP Value Assurance service packages are incorporated into SAP MaxAttention to empower customers and engage them in the digital transformation process.

The services provided by SAP Value Assurance are divided into four levels of SAP involvement. At the first level, a technical quality manager from SAP helps customers plan and safeguard the implementation strategy, including identifying any dependencies or prerequisites needed for the architecture. At the second level, experts from SAP also assist in the technical implementation, focusing on data and system migration, high availability, and disaster recovery. At the third level, SAP’s delivery team helps accelerate the process by implementing preconfigured setups and ready-to-use business process templates, as well as analyzing the impact on operations. Finally, at the fourth level, SAP empowers customers to strategize for future innovations by helping them to reimagine their business models.

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To best serve our customers in the future, SAP MaxAttention will continue to evolve with the demands of the market, incorporating value management to support and help customers with SAP software adoption both in the cloud and on premise. These enhancements strengthen our strategic partnership with SAP customers, helping them to accelerate their digital journey and ensure their continued success. For more information on SAP MaxAttention, visit