Are You Ready for One Simple Cloud?

Are You Ready for One Simple Cloud?

An Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud — and 7 Reasons Why SAP Customers Should Adopt It Today

Most SAP customers, by now, have heard of SAP Analytics Cloud — SAP’s self-service platform for data visualization, exploration, dashboarding, planning, and predictive analytics. However, many customers wonder what exactly the new platform offers, if it’s appropriate for their environment, and what it integrates with, replaces, and/or complements. This article introduces the platform, provides a brief overview of the overall SAP analytics portfolio, and shares seven reasons why SAP customers should not delay in taking their analytics into the cloud with SAP Analytics Cloud. It also details potential scenarios that exist for customers to start using SAP Analytics Cloud today and integrating it into their existing SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) and SAP back-end landscapes.

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