Achieve the Unthinkable – World Class Demand Planning inside of SAP


External events large and small can stress supply chain plans.  The speed at which these stressors are identified have a big impact.  The ability to recognize, adapt and respond has never been more important than now.  Current events are powerful reminders that supply chain visibility, planning and execution need to be tightly coupled to handle the external, surprise events that can reap major disruptions on your business.  Business leaders need to provide their employees with tools that are intuitive, intelligent and enable management by exception.  And if you are running SAP, natural integration is a huge plus to avoid complicating the IT landscape.

To addresses these challenges, Dana Corporation deployed the advanced Demand Planning solution from GIB, a certified SAP solutions partner.  By taking the unique approach of installing advanced software inside of SAP, instead of moving data out, Dana was able to be up and running quickly with a highly automated process, delivering timely and accurate information.  This webinar will focus on challenges and results.  The challenges Dana faced are universal for accurate demand forecasting, but the results are unique, and have had a substantial impact to their fill rate and inventory investment.

Key takeaways:

  • Establish an automated, highly effective demand planning process
  • Measure results and easily identify high risk / high impact exceptions
  • Execute rapid, mass changes to demand plans in simulation mode with a simple transfer to MRP
  • Implement smart adjustments to inventory targets and safety stock

Speakers: Brent Cantrell, Dana Corporation & Eric Jones, GIB USA