How to get started with DevOps for SAP


  1. Streamlining End to End Supply Chain with Rodan+Fields

    When global growth is your target, avoid manual processes that slow your progress and compound complexities. Facing widespread challenges in order fulfillment and supply planning, Rodan+Fields (R+F) needed to make a change. Rapid growth and a global reach led this skincare manufacturing and distribution company to outgrow its mostly manual processes. The company’s legacy processes…
  2. How to get started with DevOps for SAP

    10 things you can do to get started on your journey to DevOps for SAP There’s a compelling business case for adopting DevOps for SAP, but how do you make the move away from a traditional approach to development? This ebook from Basis Technologies sets out 10 steps that can help you to shift from…
  3. Taking Control of Profitability

    Drive organizational performance with an advanced and purposeful approach to profitability management. Learn what Ventana Research believes are the technology requirements for taking control of the profitability management process, beginning with addressing the four main challenges to obtaining accurate measurement of costs and cost drivers.
  4. SAP’s Strategy for Industry 4.0

    Read about SAP Industry 4.0 strategy. Manufacturing companies are challenged to increase producing high quality individualized products in an environment of constantly changing and varying customer demand. Companies recognize Industry 4.0 as strategic priority to turn these challenges into opportunities so you can stay connected to customer and integrate partners.
  5. An Intelligent Digital Supply Chain Is Key To Customer Centricity

    Find out why companies must redefine the supply chain in a way that extends digitally to include product innovation, planning, manufacturing, execution, and service to deliver superior customer experiences, enable innovation, and gain market share.
  6. Bring the Power Of Machine Learning Directly To Business Users

    A new wave of disruption is hitting the analytics market: augmented analytics. Machine learning infused in business intelligence and planning workflows helps users make decisions with confidence – without IT intervention or data science training. Read this brochure to learn how to bring the power of machine learning directly to business users.
  7. Insights for Evaluating, Identifying, and Executing Cybersecurity for Your SAP Systems

    Read this blog written by an SAP security and compliance lead for advice on how companies can best ensure their networks are secure. Learn the steps necessary to evaluate, identify, and craft effective cybersecurity umbrellas for SAP systems.
  8. Simplify Integration And Transform Your Organization Across Cloud And Hybrid IT Landscapes

    SAP has consolidated and enhanced its suite of integration solutions and capabilities with the release of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. Read this informative solution overview to discover how you can connect people, processes, data and devices everywhere, allowing people with different talent sets to leverage a wide range of integration tools, approaches and prepackaged…
  9. Data-Centric SAP Security: Strengthen Policy Enforcement and Align to Real-World Risk

    Organizations realize that the contextual attributes related to data access can best determine risk. Where is a user coming from? What device are they accessing from? Are they accessing a data field that may be especially sensitive (ex. salary info, direct deposit, social security, etc.)? Are they editing a data field in a problematic manner…
  10. Preparing and Executing SAP S/4HANA Plans

    87% of SAP customers have at least started evaluating the business case for SAP S/4HANA. Companies are moving towards SAP S/4HANA adoption largely because they see SAP S/4HANA as an opportunity to re-engineer business. To support this migration, SAP customers have to make many complicated decisions such as what type of infrastructure architecture will host…